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Ariégeois Dog Breeds Facts

The Ariégeois, also known as the Ariége hound, is a French hunting dog breed that is hardly common outside the French borders. This breed originated many years ago when briquets and large hounds like the Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the Grand Gascon Saintongeois were crossed with each other. 

This was intended to emphasize the advantages of the breeds used and to compensate for their weaknesses. The fact that the Ariégeois is also called a rabbit dog is due to its main purpose. Dogs of this breed are still used for hunting purposes today. The FCI officially leads the Ariégeois under group 6, section 1.2 with the standard number 20.

The external appearance of the Ariégeois


Adult males and females weigh 25 to 30 kilograms.


Ariégeois males with a withers height of 52 to 58 centimeters are only slightly larger than bitches. When fully grown, they reach 50 to 56 centimeters.


The breed is often white, with its coat showing clearly visible black spots. Small black spots are also possible. This breed's tan-colored markings are mostly found on the cheeks and directly above the eyes.


The Ariégeois is an elegant and slim dog, the body of which is shaped by long legs. It turns out to be agile and looks very elitist due to its stretched physique. Ariégeois wear very short fur that makes the muscles clearly visible.

Special properties


The Ariégeois is a friendly dog ​​that is open and balanced towards adults and children. Nevertheless, he is not suitable as a companion dog because his willingness to work is quite pronounced. Ariégeois dogs show their diligence and intelligence especially on the hunt and in other activities such as tracking.

Due to his high level of comprehension and the will to please his people, the Ariégeois is considered to be comparatively easy to educate. Dogs of this breed are very active and need enough exercise. When kept appropriately, an ariégeois is very affectionate and loyal. However, if he is unbalanced, he tends to be nervous and unwanted behavior.

The Ariégeois can also tolerate conspecifics in its vicinity. Therefore, this breed is well suited for keeping several animals. Read our list of adorable Chinese dogs 

Possible areas of application

Even today, the Ariégeois is ideal for hunting small animals as well as deer or wild boar. It is therefore only advisable to keep this dog if it can be hunted.


Attitude and care

As already mentioned, the breed needs a lot of exercise and employment. Keeping him as a purely domestic dog would be fatal and can lead to mental problems. A house with a fenced garden is helpful for keeping, but cannot replace intensive walks and brain work. Owners of an Ariége hound should therefore be able to take enough time for their four-legged friend.

Apart from this, it proves to be very easy to care for. Its short fur is not susceptible to dirt and comparatively rarely needs to be brushed. It can make sense to check claws and ears regularly.

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