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Chef Laura Bonicelli
Chef Laura Bonicelli

Chef Laura Bonicelli has been cooking professionally for over 10 years. She is the founder of Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery and Bonicelli Kitchen and continues to cook and teach professionally in person and on-line.

New lessons are added on an on-going weekly basis. Paid membership allows access to all content.
Club Class Content:

(classes include video and downloads)

Course Title: The Basics
Class #1: What is "mise en place" and why do I need it?

  • Introduction to Chef Bonicelli and why the club?
  • Introduction and class outline
  • What is "mise en place" as a technique, philosophy, and approach to cooking?
  • What are the specific areas that 'mise en place' can address and how?
  • 10 "mise" tips to live by in the kitchen
  • Class recap and review of next class.
Class #2: About the food
  • Introduction and class outline
  • The importance of quality and why
  • Training to taste
  • All about oils
  • All about salts
  • Acids and vinegars
  • Herbs and Seasonings
  • Cooking techniques
  • Class recap and review of next class
Class #3: About the equipment
  • Introduction and course outline
  • About the essentials
  • Necessary pans - what and care
  • Necessary knives - what and care
  • Necessary other stuff
  • Not necessary, but fun
  • Class recap and review of next class

Class #4: The chicken and the egg

  • Introduction and class outline
  • The facts about chicken
  • Safe handling and brining
  • Roasted lemon chicken with herbs and veggies
  • Cutting up
  • Making stock
  • All about the egg
  • Soft boiled, hard boiled, and poached
  • More than a scramble
  • Mayo and unpasteurized
  • Recap and next class

Class #5: Vegetables, fruits, and grains

  • Introduction and class outline
  • Shifting our thinking
  • Whole grains-what are they
  • Simple vs. complex carbs
  • What's in your wallet - fridge?
  • Rice cooker to the rescue
  • The truth about fruit
  • Vegetarian mains
  • Show stopping sides
  • Recap and next class
  • Bonus video - live webinar playback - Veggie Chili
  • Bonus video - live webinar playback - Chili Rellenos
  • Bonus video - live webinar playback - Cod and Veggies en Papillote

Courses Included with Purchase

The Basics #1
What you need to start and build upon to become a confident cook.
Chef Laura Bonicelli

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Courses are divided into classes and are released weekly. Courses don't go away - we just add to them.
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You have all access as long as you are a paid member.
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